'Twenty Five, Twenty One' under fire for depicting a relationship with a minor - What do you think of it?

Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri starrer tvN drama 'Twenty Five-Twenty One' is receiving backlash over the depiction of a relationship of a minor in the drama. In the latest episodes, Nam Joo-hyuk's 23-year-old character was seen confessing his feelings to a minor student played by Kim Tae-ri. This scene divided the fans fiercely as they feel the drama is romanticizing/normalizing a relationship with a minor. Hence, people can justify their feelings for minors due to this.


However, the international fans seem to have no objection to this, on the contrary, they are pleased to see the relationship developing between the two which of course, led to an online debate among fans. Meanwhile, the drama continues to grow in terms of ratings and worldwide popularity. The drama is being applauded for its true portrayal of the conditions and complex emotions during the economic crisis in South Korea.


Which side are you on?