Is TWICE Nayeon making a solo debut soon?

After 7 years of doing group activities, TWICE's Nayeon might finally embark on her solo career. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that JYP Entertainment has registered a product named "NA/1st Mini Album" in late March. Fans are guessing that maybe it could represent Nayeon's name.

Also, SM Entertainment had used a similar tactic once. Before SHINee member ONEW's second mini-album 'DICE' was released, SM Entertainment registered it as 'ON/2nd Mini Album'. Thus, fans have gotten more furious now. The topic is already getting viral on Twitter and Weibo.

Now we don't really know if the rumors are true, but the hype is already building up. JYP should anyways drop solo music for Nayeon. Now that most 3rd generation idols are releasing solo music, do you think JYP also decided to do the same? What do you think? Will Nayeon be debuting for real?