Twice’s Jeongyeon's hiatus and why Idols mental health matters

JYP Entertainment announced today that Twice’s Jeongyeon is going on a hiatus because she is suffering from panic attacks and psychological anxiety. It has not been confirmed when she will return from her hiatus. It is not the first time that an idol has suffered from a panic attack.

Day6’s Jae in his podcast revealed that when he was returning to his home after shooting he had a slight pain in his chest area. He was in a cab when he experienced it, at first Jae ignored it but when it became unbearable he asked the cab driver to drive him to the nearest hospital. He said that “I’m ... feeling like I am going to die, I am going to die, I am going to die,” while describing his panic attack later.

BTS also experienced mental health issues and body image issues, now they regularly go to a therapist to talk about their mental health. Blackpink’s Lisa was bullied by k-nets as a “Russian elf doll” who looks only good because of Plastic surgery and Korean make-up artists, UG did not do anything to protect her.

SM entertainment has the highest number of idol suicides due to constant pressure caused by the public gaze and other mental health issues. It is high time that the Kpop industry re-write their rules and start taking the mental health of their idols seriously. As BTS’s Jin said in their MAMA 2018 speech an idol going to mental health problems no matter their popularity will only think about disbanding. So, it is also the K-pop stans responsibility to give their idols the space and privacy to recover.