TWICE's Jeongyeon and her sister Seungyeon donate 53 million KRW to an animal shelter

Jeongyeon of TWICE and her sister, actress SeungYeon have both made a huge donation to an animal shelter.

Jeongyeon and SeungYeon are both warm-hearted people who have been volunteering for animals since many years. Thus, recently the sisters volunteered at Anseung Animal Shelter despite their busy schedules. They donated Pethroom products worth a whopping 53 million KRW (approximately 43,000 USD). Thus, the Anseung Animal Shelter uploaded the photograph on their official Instagram account.

Meanwhile, TWICE will be having a two-day Tokyo Dome concert in Japan on 23rd, 24th, and 25th April. Also, a two-day encore concert of '4TH WORLD TOUR III' in US will be held. Aren't Jeongyeon and her sister SeungYeon amazing?