Twitter revealed BTS's tweet on denouncing Asian hate has become the most retweeted tweet of 2021

BTS tweet condemning Asian hate became the most retweeted tweet of the year. The tweet was posted on March 29 and carried the hashtags such as #StopAsianHate and #StopAAPIHate. The tweet came after an incident that happened early in the year which was related to Anti-Asian violence, BTS shared that they have also been on the receiving end of such hate.

They stated, "We cannot put into words the pain of becoming the subject of hatred and violence for such a reason. Our own experiences are inconsequential compared to the events that have occurred over the past few weeks. But these experiences were enough to make us feel powerless and chip away our self-esteem.”  They concluded their statement with, “We stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together,”

Well, it turned out that this tweet has received more than 1 million retweets and over 2.5 million likes. The third and fifth most retweeted tweets were also related to BTS for 'Butter' topping the Billboard for a ninth consecutive week, and a tweet by Grammy teasing BTS's performance at the 2021 Grammys, respectively. Along with that, #BTS also became the most used hashtag in 2021 on Twitter.

Among all the achievements they have made, I believe their condemnation of Asian hate and getting rewarded in form of retweets is one of the most meaningful achievements. To use the world stage to make a positive change is simply applaudable.