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A Twitterati Joked About Why Ranbir And Alia Are Together

Ranbir Alia Deepika Katrina topic never seems to fade away anytime soon. Recently a twitter user jokingly explained why Ranbir broke up with Deepika and Katrina to be with Alia. In a series of tweets a user named Neeche se Topper hilariously explained

Ranbir - Deepika k sath tha, break up! Fir Katrina k sath tha, fir breakup! Ab Alia k sath hu, sab set h. Aisa q?

Pundit - Katrina aur Deepika se Sirf 35 Gunn milte the tere, Alia se Poore 36 milte h.

Ranbir - wow! wo konsa Ek Gunn h jo Sirf Alia se milta h pundit Ji?

Pundit - Nepotism!

Twitterati instantly started retweeting and commenting on this tweet and soon this became viral. ‘Nepotism’ has always been an underlying issue in the industry of Bollywood, people leaves no stone unturned to relate everything on Nepotism even relationships!


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