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Two most underrated anime

Here are the two best of the hidden gems that you need to watch right now!

1. Kono oto tomare ( Sounds of life)

This anime has 2 seasons both of which aired in 2019. The anime follows Kudo Chika, an ex delinquent, who now wants to change himself and be of help to others. Thus he joins a "koto club" which was about to shut down because of the lack of students. Now, this may sound generic but this anime converts generic into something amazing. All the characters have some depth to them. The protagonist, Kudo Chika has a sad backstory and what’s even sadder is that he blames himself for it. I will recommend you to watch this one!

2. Yuukoku no Moriarty

The anime is very similar to the book Sherlock Holmes. This anime is set in the late 19th century. Moriarty, the villain of the Sherlock series is the main protagonist of this anime. With his two brothers, he wants to diminish the class system in British society. Being a crime consultant, he also solves various mysteries. It's very interesting and intriguing. This anime has only one season with 11 episodes and is worth your watch. It is renewed for a second season later in 2021


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