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Two Viral Skincare Techniques That Worked Wonders For Me!

Hello! Hope y'all have been doing good.

Internet is full of hacks and techniques and here I share the two most amazing ones that actually work!

1. Double Cleansing:


You might have heard of this. This is exactly what it sounds like: cleansing your face twice. The most famous way is to use oil based cleanser ( cleansing balms and oils as first cleanse followed by water based one ( a typical face wash). You can, of course, wash your face twice with your normal face wash. It is best suited for oily skin types and makeup wearers. Personally, I have oily acne prone skin and using this technique has lead to-

Improved skin texture, reduced acne and closed pores, less oil production, clean face for better skincare absorption, smoother skin. I have used DC with and without makeup and have got same wonderful results.

I recommend: The Earth Rhythm cleansing balms.

2. Three Step Moisture Method ( 3SMM) Made by Olena Beley:

This has become quite common knowledge which I'm glad it has. It is basically to use a Hyaluronic Acid( HA) based serum on a cleansed, damp face and then using a moisturiser afterwards. This is a technique which can used by all skin types. It increases the moisture content on your face which further results and soft, plump and glowy skin! Since I've discovered this technique, I have seen my skin getting so much healthier!

I recommend: Peptaronic HA series. I personally use the toner which has same components as their serum having 5 kinds of HA molecules. Super affordable available at Peaches and Cream, Limese Connect etc

Lemme know in comments if you have tried any of these techniques. If you haven't, do give it a try! Open to all queries and suggestions





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