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Is “The Uncanny Counter” turning into a seasonal series?!

“The Uncanny Counter” a OCN production is breaking the record for the highest-rated show in the network’s history! The fans all over the globe appreciated the show and many are rightfully wondering if there are plans for “The Uncanny Counter” season 2! The action-packed fantasy horror series has also become a chart-topping affair on Netflix with the International fans and many have gone ahead to compare it in terms of quality with “Alice in Borderland”, resembling “Mystic Pop-up Bar” and “Money Heist” because of the track suits, worn by noodle shop workers who at night hunt demons.There has been no official announcement regarding a renewal of the series but there are a bunch of rumours regarding inquiries going on to schedule the lead cast, the shooting might start for second season in September 2021 and airing it iby the first half of 2022 and creative team is in the process of turning the drama into a seasonal series! Well that's a lot of attention for a drama which is yet left with 4 episodes to air.

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