Underrated and pocket-friendly product for all your skin and hair-related problems! #BeautyTruthBomb

Organic remedy for literally all your skin and hair-related problems?


We’ve got you covered! The Indus Valley Mulethi Power is the solution to all your problems. It is loaded with antioxidants and Mulethi is a potent treatment for rejuvenating skin and hair. Its emollient characteristics moisturize hair roots and soften the skin. It has the goodness of 100% pure and organic ingredients and nothing else. Your skin will finally come in contact with something so pure, refreshing, and organic with no chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizer residues. It also has proven effects against dandruff, scalp itchiness, and detoxifies the scalp, and soothes irritation.

Mulethi powder for the face contains the antioxidant Glabridin along with the Flavonoid Liquiritin, which is a powerful antibacterial. Both assist in improving the skin complexion. Mulethi powder face pack for skin fades away suntan, dark spots, blemishes, acne breakouts, delays early signs of aging making your skin a smoother, brighter, and younger-looking.

Mulethi powder for hair contains a wide range of nutrients that are highly beneficial ingredients for your hair. It wonderfully boosts blood circulation, stimulates the hair follicles, hydrates the scalp, and curbs dandruff. It nourishes the hair roots, thereby preventing hair fall, and adds smoothness and shine to your tresses.

It retails for Rs. 199 for 100g of quantity. Having a very subtle aroma to it, it comes as a triple-sifted, microfine powder that does not form into lumps, turns easily into a paste for smoother application. This product is hands down one of the best addition to your skin and hair care regime and is worth every single penny!

Use this product thrice a week and your skin and hair will thank you forever!