Underrated sitcoms you can binge-watch this weekend!

Some say dogs are our best friends. Some say books are our best friends. I say sitcoms are our best friends. There are so many comedy shows or sitcoms which just air and end unnoticed. They are often really good, funny, relatable and entertaining sitcoms which have just not been marketed well. Since the weekend is here and you (hopefully) may have some time to relax, here are a few relaxing shows you can watch in the next few days:

1. Mind the Malhotras (2019) - Amazon Prime Video

2. Superstore (2015) - Comedy Central

3. Schitt’s Creek (2015) - Netflix

4. Lovesick (2014) - Netflix

5. Panchayat (2020) - Amazon Prime Video

Let us know in the comments below which one's your favourite! Hit us up with any recommendations too!