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Unite to Fight Corona!

It’s been a long time and still many are not following safety precautions that are important to fight Covid-19. Are we doing enough to fight Corona? The key to fighting COVID-19, as we all know, is to keep the numbers low. All Government efforts have been designed to achieve this. Our challenge is immense. Across the globe, the spread of COVID-19 continues to cause disease, death, and disruption. It has pushed even the most advanced health systems to the brink. To control and suppress the spread, we must take the fight against the virus. Active case detection, isolation, testing, and contact tracing can control the virus. We must also stay well. Look after your mental health and be supportive of others. It is natural to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared, or angry during a crisis. Helpful coping strategies include getting sufficient rest, exercise, eating well, avoiding harmful substances, and staying in close contact with family and friends. But we also should not compromise on these basic things because, to be honest, these are the easiest things we can do now to ensure the utmost safety of all of us. The times are hard but even if a single person does not follow these steps properly the whole chain will have to suffer.

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