Unpopular opinion: Varun Dhawan is an overrated actor

Varun Dhawan is one of the most bankable names in Bollywood right now. Several of his films have done well at the box office along with earning him praises for his acting. However, I believe that he is an 'over actor' and overdoes everything which in India, people mistake as good acting.


No doubt he is good-looking and a great dancer, but there seems to be nothing special about his acting chops. Another thing to notice about his career is his poor choice of films. Talent lies in choices and Varun keeps doing films like Coolie No. 1 and Judwaa 2 that are downright offensive and problematic.


But I have to say he gave quite a good performance in 'October.' So there might be a good actor in him but probably the demands of Bollywood are forcing him to act a certain way.


What do you think of him? Do you agree with my opinion?