Unpopular/Popular Opinions About Bollywood? - Just General Opinions About Things Related To Bollywood

Well since I’m writing this post, I guess I’ll start:

1.Aishwarya deserves more appreciation for her dedication and dance. Not trying to say she’s underrated or anything, but that I think she deserves more appreciation for the dedication she has for her craft. And I love her dancing and how expressive she is in those dances too. Like she killed it in Dola Re Dola. Apparently her ears were bleeding while dancing too due to the heavy jewellery, but she continued and completed the shot still.

2.Rani and Tabu are finally getting the sort of roles they deserve! Rani with films like Mardaani and Tabu with films like Andhadhun are finally getting what roles they always deserved and it’s about time!

3.Surveen Chawla is annoyingly underrated!

4.Vicky Kaushal has such a sweet aura and charm to him. He comes off as sweet and genuine in his interviews. Which makes him even more likeable, if he wasn’t already and that too with to him being such a great actor as well, just tops it all off!

5.Aamir and SRK should make a show together, where they talk about various topics and have a discussion on it. It doesn’t have to be anything big or over the top, just some producer needs to sit them down together, give the a cup of chai and tell them to just talk, literally about anything. They could talk about there favourite princess in a Disney film for all I care. They just both have such insightful thought and are such a delight to watch too. Watching them in a show would be amazing tbh.

6.Kajol and Juhi have some of the best interviews - they’re both so charismatic, fun, sweet and just an overall delight to watch in interviews.

7.Watching a movie just because some actors in it, isn’t really my thing, but if I had to pick someone’s movies (whose considered a ‘star’) to watch blindly, out of the 3 Khan’s It’d probably be Aamir and in general, it’d be Saif and Ayushmann.  

Let me know in the comments which opinions you agree or disagree with and feel free to share your unpopular/popular opinions!