‘Uppena’ Audience Review: Musical Genius With A Prolonged Plot

The movie ‘Uppena’, starring Vaishnav Tej and Advaitha in the lead roles, hit the theatres a week ago. While the Box Office of the film has been going well, the audience reviews are here and they look good.

Many people loved the movie for its unique plotline, though they also felt that it was prolonged and dragged unnecessarily. The film could have been shorter and thus, crisper. However, the music of the movie is phenomenal. Every song and every background theme fits in perfectly, aligns with every scene and makes you feel the emotions on display more deeply.

The performances were good. The actress, in particular, looked ethereal in her attire and is winning hearts state-wide, though she could’ve performed some sequences better. Vaishnav Tej does a great job and in some ways, audiences say, resembles his uncle, MegaStar Chiranjeevi. The film is a one-time watch and a good form of re-entry into the theatres. However, it is going to air on Netflix soon so you can wait it out too.

What about you guys? How did you find the movie?