Vaazhl : A Visually Enriching Rollercoaster ride about the deep meanings of life.

Most of us are stuck in a time loop living our monotonous life over and over again. While life has just been reduced into earning basic needs, the true meaning of life and happiness is still undiscovered. Vaazhl simply means 'to live' takes us on a visually enthralling journey deep into the world of realisations and philosophies.

Prakash, an IT guy, spends most of his time living a mechanical life. He hails from a decent family and has got all the requirements of an average working guy. But life isn't easy on him, he hasn't been able to crack the true definition of happiness yet. Life takes a turn when he meets Yathramma and his reckless, chirpy son Yathra. Arun Prabhu Purushothaman in his second directorial venture has taken the less travelled route, the visual storytelling. Vaazhl is full of life and dissects the deeper meaning of life and self-happiness. It hasn't got any lengthy, melodramatic monologues or commercial cinematic elements. The emotions are strong, the visuals are striking and as deeper we go Vaazhl makes more sense and gets as beautiful as Aruvi.

The aesthetic, eye-catching visuals constitute the film, the movie turns into a travelogue in its second half yet the meaning remains the same. APP's commendable effort in bringing a convoluted tale through visuals must be lauded. Shelley Calist's lens has captured the world in its real best form. Vaazhl takes the viewers along with the protagonist in this memorable journey and reminds us of our purposes in life. Pradeep Kumar's soothing melodious tracks add further sweetness into this tale. Pradeep Anthony, TJ Bhanu, Diva Dhawan aren't just mere characters but a reflection of us and they play their respective parts convincingly.

'People you meet have the power to change your life'. Everything happens for a reason and we must accept those facts. While everyone is running towards an uncertain future, we often fail to enjoy our precious present. Vaazhl teaches you to live in your present and cherish those sweet memories. The film may not be an easy watch for all. It doesn't stick to the conventional filmmaking style and is highly unpredictable.