Valentine’s Day blues? Pick the genre ‘horror’!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and there’s just too much pressure on us to celebrate it, either with a loved one or with friends or by ourselves. Well, do you feel the pressure too? Is your social media, inbox, newspaper giving you major Valentine’s Day blues? There is a solution for you! Make the blues go away by picking the ‘horror’ genre this Valentine’s Day.

Horror films are extremely intense most of the time. They’re so much so that one can get really involved in the film and forget the world; perhaps, even completely stop thinking about something as fleeting as Valentine’s Day. When a horror film ends, all you want to do is pray or call out to the good divine forces and ask them to spare your life or protect you. All you feel is gratitude for not having been in the situation that the character was in. All you want to do is keep the lights on!

Hence, I suggest, you watch one of the many horror films that OTT platforms have. Also, make sure you have washed your face before you watch the film because, after the film, you wouldn’t want to close your eyes! Let us know in the comments if you agree!