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Valentine Week Special : PDA Moments Of These Couples Will Make Us Want To Believe In Love.

As it is Valentine’s Week, we thought we will take you to some of the most adorable moments of our favourite bollywood couples. For the next few minutes, put yourself in an ‘awww’ mode as you look back at some of the photos and videos and check out their adorable PDA moments

Virat - Anushka :- Ever since Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s relationship hit headlines, the nation (and the world) hasn’t stopped obsessing about the pair. The Delhi-lad fell head over heels in love with Anushka, they always express how much of a difference the other has made in their lives. The hot couple got married in one of the most exotic venues in a truly private affair, which is what weddings should be. Till date their marriage video has been one of my favourite. Right from the song, the beautiful wedding attires and the complete vibe in the video is way too perfect to even describe it in words.




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