Varun Dhawan & Natasha Dalal- The Picture Perfect Couple of Bollywood!

What I really appreciate about Varun Dhawan is the respect and regard that he has for his relationship. He was already seeing Natasha before he debuted, but kept it a secret due to the nature of the industry. Even though he was "publicly single" at the time, we never heard of any rumors of link-ups between Varun and any actress. He was briefly linked with Alia, but those rumors were entirely untrue. Varun and Alia have always remained good friends, why else would she be performing at his wedding?! While other young actors of his age were involved with multiple actresses at a time, Varun drew a distinct line between his professional and personal life. That is a quality of his that is remarkable.

Varun said in an interview that Natasha was always going home and attending family events, so it was like she was already a part of the family. They always knew they would get married to one another, the only question was when? Now that the wedding day has arrived, the entire industry is thrilled. SRK, being the charmer that he is, offered his Alibaug villa for the wedding festivities. KJo, Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor are amongst the guests attending. I cannot wait to see their performances.

Varun and Natasha compliment each other well, and their love story is so cute, congratulations to the beautiful couple! All I am waiting for now, is the wedding pictures!