Varun Dhawan or Sidharth Malhotra - The Better Student So Far?

Both Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra started of their noteworthy careers together with the 2012 College Drama Student of the Year. Starring alongside Alia Bhatt, the other debutant, the two actors received an equal amount of love and appreciation both from the masses and at the box office. But ever since then they've taken up separate paths to success with each trying to make a major mark in the industry in their own ways. So here's a brief face-off to find out as to who is the better Student Of The Year so far?

Their Movie Choices

Even though Sidharth Malhotra has done a lot of experiments in his own capacity but even then VD wins this round comfortably with critically acclaimed movies like Badlapur and October and also those commercial massy hits including Dilwale, Main Tera Hero and Dishoom.

Social Media

With a humongous tally of 34.1 million followers on Instagram, backed by a strong PR agency thanks to Mr daddy Dhawan VD almost clearly beats Sidharth Malhotra when it comes to creating social media buzz. Also he looks way better without a shirt. So that's a plus.

The Performances

Now this is a tough nut to crack. Sidharth Malhotra has been quite decent with Brothers and Kapoors and Sons while we loved VD in Badlapur and October, so let's just give this round a tie.

All in all we do have a clear winner in VD but with that being said we do want to see more of both of these young talented new age stars. What do you think of this face-off. Mention it in the comments section down below.