Vicky Kaushal is giving some #husbandgoals! Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are already the 'Successful couple'

Salman always used to dominate her while they were in relationship and it used to evident in interviews. Now he had a very positive turn around and he praises Katrina whenever he gets an opportunity. Ranbir also treated her like Shit and that is evident in interviews they gave together where he would just not let her speak or say that her opinion rarely matters. Eventhough they were separated at this time, she was a co-star and she was not getting even that dignity from Ranbir. On the other Hand, Vicky Kaushal used to date this TV actress Harleen Sethi and he used to treat her like a Queen. He is known to treat his lady with respect and imagine the kind of respect and dignity he must be giving to Katrina after he had such an ugly breakup with Harleen. I think what brought Katrina and Vicky together might be the way he treats her and the respect that she never got from Salman or Ranbir. I think that they will live Happily and I wish all the best to this Couple !