Vidya Balan feels offended when somebody calls her Mrs. Kapoor! I'm just curious what surname will she give her child?

In a recent interview of her Vidya Balan has clearly said that she feels offended when people address her by calling her Mrs. Kapoor which I think is nothing but sheer overthinking and a result of trying to be over-feminist. I mean that way you could be offended by being called somebody's wife as well! Getting married is a relationship which means your will be related to that person! But no you have to make an issue out of everything which I feel is really unnecessary.

Below is her statement

"When I was newly married, I would get very offended when people would say 'Mr & Mrs Siddharth Roy Kapur'. I just don't get that concept of 'Mr & Mrs'...I just feel that I'm Vidya Balan. I'm married to Siddharth Roy Kapur. Why should I have to compromise my identity?"

What are your views on this? Do you agree?