Vidya Balan has set a benchmark in Bollywood to embrace your body in any shape. Agree?

Vidya Balan started her acting career from television with the popular serial 'Hum Paanch' and then made her Bollywood debut with 'Parineeti.' Since then she has been taking roles that are still considered 'risky' by many. A seven-month pregnant lady, a soft-porn actress, a mathematician, a housewife turned radio jockey and now a forest officer, Vidya has portrayed a variety of roles on screen. This has enabled her to be labeled as brave and has given her the success she deserves. It's not surprising that many believe that it was Vidya who paved the way for women-led films in Bollywood.


But there another reason to admire her. It is her embracing her body in the way and form it normally is. In an industry that is obsessed with size zero, puffy lips, and whatnot, Vidya has been able to make her mark being her natural self.


But she has been criticised by a section of media and people for her weight and some reporters still ask her 'when will you lose your weight and do normal roles?' Well, despite all this problematic scrutiny, Vidya has emerged as a 'Sherni' in Bollywood and never changed herself to meet the expectations of either the industry or our society.


Do you agree with this?