Vidya Balan - #My Shero

Vidya Balan has always inspired me through her different film projects. In an interview she spoke about her journey and how much she had to struggle before she got the actress role in Parineeta. After seeing her act so naturally in Parineeta who would say that she is a new comer.

She was the first women to do a crime thriller Kahaani where she was portrayed a pregnant lady role and she was outstanding in it. Even though we don't see her doing more romantic movies with big heroes she still delivers her best performance in other genres. She never had any problem in flaunting excesy weight body she was just so apologetic about it that people completely accepted her new look and stopped trolling her for gaining excess weight.

After a point it was such that director's especially for Vidya Balan did not have a male hero in their film.

She also was praises for her ghost role Monjolika in Bhool Bhoolaiyaan, even though we had Akshay Kumar and so many senior actors in the film, it was Vidya Balan who was the main character of the film and she is still known for her role and people/ children still get scared of her in real life, she is so good in her work.

I love her aura, charisma and how positive and so down to Earth actress/ human being she is! If we are talking about true women who has inspired me then it is Vidya Balan!