Vidya Balan Is An Unapologetic ‘Sherni’ In A Man's World!

‘Sherni’ makes for an intense, intriguing film and is a must-watch. Vidya Balan embodies a fierce female forest officer who has to track down a tigress who is assumed to be a man-eater and she proves herself to be a stoic and reliable actress once again.The film follows how her character navigates her way through the social barriers put up for women and breaks patriarchal stereotypes.

The film is a representation of women of all kinds, who are striving so hard to make a change in the community. "You don't need to roar to be a tigress. There are various shades, reflections of 'sherni' that each of us represents. My character is a woman of few words, reserved but strong-willed. So you can be that, you don't have to scream out loud from the rooftops to be heard all the time or even be visible all the time. In each of the households in India, there's a 'sherni' and a lot of times she's invisible. This is my salute to all of them out there," says Vidya Balan.

If you’re expecting the roar of the usual Bollywood film, this one is far from it, but therein lies the beauty of it. Despite the serene, calm narrative style adopted for the film, Masurkar miraculously fashions it into an enthralling and exciting suspense drama. Sherni is truly and unapologetically a tale of triumph.