Is Vijay Deverakonda secretly married?! Here’s proof!

Vijay Deverakonda, one of the big South Indian actors and superstars today, has a very private life that he doesn’t let anybody know about. And we all know how he rejects convention of any form. He’s not the traditional Indian guy who would do things according to the norm. Not a lot of people know about Vijay Deverakonda’s long-time girlfriend (or now, maybe wife) Ginny or Virginie Prd (who goes by the username @the.white.hyderabadi on Instagram).

Ginny is originally from Brussels, Belgium, and she has been living in Hyderabad since a long time. The two have apparently been in a relationship since 2012 or 2013. Only a few people first came to know about Ginny when she appeared on Rana Daggubati’s Talk Show (Season 1) with Vijay Deverakonda and Tharun Bhascker (this was before Arjun Reddy had released), and Vijay almost kissed her publicly on TV. They went on to reveal on the show that they had been ‘the best of friends’ for four years. Ginny even took to her Instagram on his birthday, 9th May 2017, and called him her 'better half'.

Recently, Vijay Deverakonda, mid-lockdown, took a trip to Europe, which may be to visit Ginny’s native place, and a picture of the two of them with Vijay’s family went viral. He also revealed on Aha’s SamJam show that he was not single. He recently posted a picture on his Instagram with a baby, and deleted it in a few seconds. Ginny also posted pictures with the baby on her Facebook. The baby, we now know, is Ginny’s godson. However, a lot of people thought it was their baby together and thus, speculated if the two of them got married and had a baby.

Well, even if the two aren’t legally married, they are in a very committed and 7-or-8- year-long serious relationship. Apparently, the only reason Deverakonda hasn’t tied the knot yet (at least publicly) is because he doesn’t want his following to decrease. Hence, I hope this piece of information did not break a lot of hearts. Comment your thoughts below!