Welcome to Vintage Bollywood. If the LP record era of Bollywood is your true calling, then you've come to the right place. Our aim is to bring back the hidden skeletons from the bygone era of showbiz. All the gossip, rumours, interesting anecdotes and more from the pre-2010 era is what we'll

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Hema Malini is a 10th standard dropout. In 1964, she was rejected by Tamil director CV Sridhar for not being a 'star material'. ...Read More
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Filminutz : yes, some facts literally shocked me
1 REPLY 31 Mar 2022
Kishor Salvi TV Actor, Age, Height, Wiki, Biography And More Kishor Salvi is an Indian TV actor and dancer from Mumbai, Kishor s...Read More
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Film historians consider the period post-independence, from the late 40s to early 60s as Bollywood's golden era as it was a perio...Read More
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bollyyyyfan1805 : This era was amazing
2 REPLY 07 May 2022
Let's take a look at the amazing life of "Durgabai Kamat", India's first actress. Everything is covered in this article, includin...Read More
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Bebo : Inspiring
2 REPLY 26 Apr 2022
Here's a list of some old Indian classics. 1. Anand 2. Mughl-e-azam 3. Pyaasa 4. Pakeezah 5. Sholay 6. Mother India 7. Guide 8. A...Read More
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kirty Singh : These films are just so good. I think only the 90s kids know about these beautiful beautiful movies. Hard to find such good stuff now.
1 REPLY 24 Apr 2022
Parveen Babi became the first Bollywood actress to be featured on the cover of Time magazine in July 1976! An Australian civil en...Read More
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It was well known that Sanjay Dutt and actress Tina Munim(now Ambani) were in a serious relationship. Time and again, their stor...Read More
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Muskaan : Rid Rishi was a philanderer, it was well known. On top of it he was abusive. However, he was good at his job as an actor.
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In addition to what has already been said, the Bachchan family has always cared about its reputation immensely. Amitabh has been ...Read More
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Here is a look at why this Sooraj Bharjatiya-directed 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun' was not just a mere film but a rich source of inspira...Read More
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: DDLJ is the BEST
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