A Viral Beauty Trend That Everyone Is Talking About – Dolphin Skin

A Viral Beauty Trend That Everyone Is Talking About – Dolphin Skin Every day there is a new skincare trend that we are all obsessed with. While some are OTT and unusual, others are perfectly well and doable, sensible. It’s the ‘dolphin skin’ craze that has more than half of the Instagram public below its spell! As skincare hooks ourselves, I was very curious to find out what the hype was all about. Here’s what I have discovered.


What is dolphin skin?

Dolphin skin that is smooth, plump, shiny, and hydrated. This term was coined by celebrity makeup artist Mary Philips takes her inspiration from Dolphins who have wet, slippery skin and are extremely glossy.


Here are few tips on how to ace this beauty trend:

Prep Your Skin

Before using the makeup palette, get your skincare game right to the T. Always to start by exfoliating your skin so that it is squeaky clean. Next use a toner and then a moisturizing serum that suits your skin type. It will help to even out your skin tone and give a natural glow to the face.


Ace Your Base

You should only use those products that give your skin a fresh and luminous finish. For that, use a gel-based primer to smoothen your base. Then use a foundation that gives your skin a glossy finish, moisturizes, and also easily blends. Now you want to diminish any fine lines or any spots for a crease-free base and also which will make the skin soft.


Creamy Blush

You must stay away from using anything powdery. Use a matte blush with a creamy one to achieve a flawless look.

Using a creamy blush can amp your dolphin skin looks. All


Shine With A Highlighter

Always highlight the high points of your bones which include the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, temples, tip of the chin and brow bone too. This will not only give your face a reflective glow but a subtle look too. Always finish your dolphin skin look by using a setting spray so that it lasts and voila.