A virtual AI star named 'Han Yoo-Ah' signs with YG

It's a new era where virtual human beings are entering the industry with their alluring visuals. They are gaining huge popularity on social media, and also appearing for advertisements and magazine covers. On February 14, Smilegate announced that their virtual star 'Han Yoo-Ah' has signed with the subsidiary label of YG Entertainment, YG Kplus. This virtual star is planning to work on broadcasting, YouTube, performances, and advertisement.

YG Kplus is a management company for models and actors. It is home to world-class models like Bae Yoon-Young and Hye Park. Also, an idol group named ATO6 composed of idols is currently active under the company. The virtual star Han Yoo-Ah will be represented as a virtual artist in the metaverse industry. Close collaboration with YG idol groups is also expected. What are your thoughts about this?