WandaVision Episode 5 Connects The Past and Future of Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Marvel has done it again. These guys can never stop being exciting! In WandaVision episode 5, we see a major deviation in the story's progress from the previous episodes. The 4th episode had hinted that something huge is coming our way, but no one must have expected something like this. SPOILER ALERT! What we thought to be Wanda's imagination has turned out to be a real existing town of Westview. Apparently, she has controlled the minds of 1000s of actual residents, so that she can live a life she desires. In fact, she brought Vision back from the dead and no one knows how she got the mind stone if Captain America returned it after the Endgame. Unfortunately, Vision wants to know his past. Even, her twin brother Pietro aka Quick Silver is back, but wasn't he killed by Ultron? And Monica doesn't wish to talk about her Shero Captain Marvel, Why? As of now, Marvel has succeeded in keeping us on the edge of our seat. However, few things have risen our hopes. If Wanda can bring people back to life, we do have a huge list. With this episode, we get an idea of MCU Phase 4 and how it may explore some unexpected dimensions. Let's wait and watch!