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Want that dewy fresh looking skin? Then this luxurious serum is just what you need.

Sulwahsoo India had sent me their First Care Activating Serum, which is the bestseller serum product. 

Its an essential first-step serum formulated with JAUM Balancing Complex - a powerhouse herbal blend that replenishes essential moisture and nutrients for smooth, hydrated and well-balanced skin. 
I received a 15ml bottle which lasted for about a week. 
I started using this serum during my night-time routine and I really looked forward to using this product every night because I felt all the other products that I applied after this they sinked in pretty well, I have also used this serum in my morning routine just after cleansing, basically this prepped and hydrated my skin and eventually helped other products perform better. 
The texture of the serum is watery and non-sticky which absorbs beautifully into the skin, it has a very mild herbal fragrance which isn’t overpowering. If you see the ingredient list, it does contain alcohol but it didn’t react or dry out my skin. 
Even though a week’s time is very less to tell how a product is working for you but this definitely helped in making my skin soft and luminous. 
Personally I did enjoy using this serum because it gave that beautiful dewy look to my skin but honestly I’m not sure whether I would want to invest so much in a 15ml bottle that is priced at INR 1850 even though I wish I could but for me this is a bit pricey.
Overall I’m glad that I got the opportunity to try this serum, because I do love Korean brands and the products that they make. 
If you want to try this serum please go with a mini size before purchasing the bigger one. 

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