Want to get soft and smooth lips? Read the review to find out how.

I wasn't always big on lip care. But j noticed how my lips started going chapped and dry from time to time recently. I started by home remedies but they hardly worked. So I tried Dot & Key Lip Polish Exfoliating Sugar Scrub for my lips to see if this could solve my problem. Well, it is recommended to exfoliate your face at least 2 times a week right? Why should you leave your lips behind? They are even more sensitive then your face. First off the product smells divine and I love that about it. It has a mint + chocolate and sugar fragrance, that is good to go from my side. I used it almost daily in the start and then every alternate day. It gently exfoliates your lips, leaving them smooth and without any deadskin. I top it off with Vaseline gel to seal in all the moisture. This lip scrub has shea butter and came sugar. It completely softens dry and flaky lips. This was a savior for me during the winters. The quantity is also pretty good and lasts long on the shelf. The price could be reduced a little, but because it's effective, I don't mind paying for it's worth. I've already ordered my next one.