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Want to give Lavender freshness to yourself?Try this essential oil

I recently tried Khadi Natural Lavender Essential Oil.

It claims to sort a lot of skin conditions and body issues. Khadi Natural Lavender Oil helps to cure a migraine, asthma, and depression. It is beneficial in eliminating dandruff and lice. It relaxes and combats stress for sleeplessness, dizziness, hysteria and anxiety. This is an excellent solution for acne, scars and burns. It also claims to Reduces the problem of dandruff and lice but I haven't used it in my scalp yet. I mixed it with caster, olive and coconut oil and massaged it into my scalp and it made me feel so relaxed . This is just perfect give it a shot! It will also help with acne. If you are suffering with acne just add 1-2 drops with your mositurizer and apply on your face it will soothen your skin. Make sure to do a patch test before applying directly on face or hair. You can also add a few drops in your bath water and you'll a great experience. This product also claims to have done No animal testing which is a plus point. All in all this is a very useful and effective product. What do you think about this? Will you try it?


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