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Want to know how it feels like to visit HYBE Insights museum? (BTS Version)

As you enter you are divided into two groups of 25 people and your guided tour begins.No pictures are allowed on first floor and there’s a performance of dynamite with just bts playing drums that is never seen before.The museum also displays this mind blowing choreography version of black swan and fake love with just them in no ack outfits and lights going on and off, it’s amazing. Their mics and ear pieces are displayed too! you can also tour their studios in a 360 video and try how mixing works with fake love. Unfortunately the audio commentary is in korean only but they have english signs everywhere. Then you will be taken to a theatre for a 360 projection about the meaning of hybe and then they presented their wall of awards, up to the 2nd floor where taking pictures is allowed! And the highlight of the museum is their Dior outfits from Mic Drop stage are displayed as well. As the tour ends you can shop for merchandise and eatbles from the Hybe bakery. Only if we can swim to Korea!

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