Want To Shape Your Eyebrows – Use Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

I purchased a trimmer during the lockdown. This trimmer has worked well on me. When the beauty parlour were closed I used it to do my eyebrows. This a trimmer and not the applicator so it removes hair from the surface and not the root so it is not painful. It is very easy to use and compact. You can carry it anywhere in your handbag. Trimmer has an angular head so that you can easily bend and use it on the brows, facial hair, and upper lips. It is very adjustable and is not time-consuming so whenever you’re going out you can just do it before it. I use it frequently than the other methods which are more painful like doing waxing on the face and I had got the rashes. I prefer this as it is painless and does not cause any advisory action on my skin.


The only thing you need to be a little careful about is when you are doing the eyebrows you don’t accidentally trim off more than you intend to. So it’s a good idea to be a little light-handed and just be careful when you are trimming the areas around your brows. Use a wet towel to wipe out any residue.