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Want a solution for your stubborn frizzy hair? Try this shampoo and conditioner from Nykaa today!

Onion boosts hair growth (we all know this, thanks to our moms who constantly ask us to apply onion oil for long hair) and Fenugreek prevents hair fall by increasing blood circulation. So, the combo definitely sounds magical for hair. I like the simple packaging with minimalist design and the lavender colour. The fragrance of the combo is lovely and it does linger for some time, which then gradually fades away. The shampoo lathers & cleanses well. I tried it with oiled hair and un-oiled hair and the post effect was almost similar. I didn’t need more amount of shampoo after oiling which is good thing. But, it doesn’t give any moisturizing effect; my hair were clean but not silky (if you know what I mean). The shampoo has a pH of 5-6 which is slightly acidic and ideal for eliminating frizz and dryness. those having hair that aren’t too dry or frizzy OR those having an oily scalp. Others will have to use a nourishing hair mask post shampoo to add that shine and softness.


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