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Want To Stay Fresh Throughout the Day - Use Forest Essentials Facial Toner Pure Rosewater

I am using the third bottle of toner and it’s a very amazing product. This toner comes with spray packaging. Initially, I liked it because I love the scent of roses in the toner. The second thing I noticed when I started using toner over time especially when I used it throughout the day regularly. I sprayed few sprinkles on the face every 3 – 4 hours and my skin just looked better till the end of the day. My face didn’t get oily, dull and it just stayed hydrated the entire day. This is a very good product to refresh your face, you can use this as a toner right after cleansing and before applying moisturizer. They also have a small packaging which I like to carry in my handbag and can be used throughout the day. It does have a pretty strong rose scent. This face mist is made up of the steamed distillation of roses so it’s very different from the very inexpensive rose water toner. Steamed distillation is a process that removes all the impurities and it gives you a pure quality of rose water. This toner is parabens and chemical-free.


So whenever you are buying rose water from any brand then you have to keep in mind that it should be steamed distilled and not just the plain water mixed with roses and essential oils. 


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