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Want To Treat Your Dark Circles – Eat These Fruits And Vegetables

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and is the thinnest part of our body. You can easily get rid of the dark circles by eating food that is rich in vitamins. So here are a few tips to reduce the dark circles naturally by eating these fruits and vegetables.


Eat Green Leafy Vegetables: Eat vegetables like spinach, sage, thyme, and broccoli that are rich in vitamin K. By eating these vegetables, it will help improve your skin texture and blood circulation which will bring a natural glow to your face.


Cucumber: You may have tried keeping the cucumber slices on the eyes. But eating cucumber will help to increase the elasticity of the skin, boost collagen production and fight the uneven skin tone.


Food Rich In Vitamin E: The magic nutrient for the eyes is Vitamin E. You should include almonds, walnuts, sesame, and sunflower seeds in your diet because it will help to fight enzymes.


Tomato: Eat tomato it helps to protect the skin from free radicals and rejuvenate the skin. It contains Vitamin C and anti-oxidant which helps to protect delicate skin under the eyes. You can also eat papaya, oranges, and foods that are rich in vitamin C. 


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