Was Adhyayan Suman referring to Kangana Ranaut when he called an old relationship 'toxic'?

Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman starred together in Raaz: The Mystery Continues, and dated briefly in 2008-2009. In an interview of his in 2016, Adhyayan had made a lot of claims about Kangana. This ranged from her apparently being verbally derogatory towards him to calling him a flop actor. He'd also said that she had accused him of being jealous of her success during Hrithik Roshan's birthday bash.

All that said and done, Adhyayan received a lot of flak for his statements. He had the audience calling him attention seeking and was told that he brought up these elements about Kangana so that he could be in the limelight.

It's been years since that, but turns out that Adhyayan is opening up about it once again. During his latest interview with Bollywood Bubble, he's brought up his past relationship without exactly naming Kangana. He spoke of what he'd said back in 2016, and labelled the relationship "toxic." So, it seems it's about her.