Was Alia Bhatt pregnant when she got married or before the wedding? Netizens are curious to know

The internet was quickly swamped with memes of all types after Alia Bhatt revealed she was expecting her first child with husband Ranbir Kapoor. Some of the jokes praised the news, while others chastised the couple for becoming pregnant less than three months after their lavish wedding at Vaastu.

Her fans are rejoicing in the news, but the actor is receiving criticism for getting pregnant so soon after getting married. Many social media users mocked the couple for being pregnant so soon after their wedding, and some even went so far as to say that they were already expecting when they were married.

It's funny how many individuals have nothing better to do with their time while Bhatt and Kapoor are busy celebrating this wonderful addition to their lives. Why does it matter when the couple had their child? Really if they knew they were having a child before getting married, how does it even matter? In 2022, we still find ways to sensationalise the lives of famous people and to criticise them for their decisions.