Was Aryan Khan's extension of judicial custody really necessary?

Aryan Khan was arrested on Oct 2, Saturday evening in the drug case and was taken into judicial custody immediately . Then interrogated till Monday afternoon when he was presented before a Mumbai Court. And even though, Aryan was charged with consumption charges only, NCB stated that they needed an extension on the custody, which they eventually got as well, till Oct. But was it really necessary?


Aryan was cooperating in interrogation sessions, he even admitted that he had been consuming drugs for the past four years. Add to that, no drugs were found with him when he was caught. And granting bail wouldn't have just closed the case, Aryan could have easily be called for further interrogation as well. But as per NCB, this being a high profile case, could send the wrong signal to the youngsters if rules weren't followed strictly.


Now as reports are coming in that Aryan Khan might finally get his due bail tomorrow, many would think, was it necessary? Your comments?