The Office a mockumentary sitcom that was first created in UK, lasted only for 2 seasons due to low ratings, but the same show recreated in US, took over the world after its first season. The US version of the show was more dramatic and improvisational comedy making it connect more with the audience. Due to the popularity of the show many more versions were created, one being the Indian version.

The Indian version followed the American remake more closely than the British. With character names changed into the most Desi name like Pam turning to Pammi and situations that would relate more with the Indian audience. The fans of “The Office” didn’t accept the idea of a desi version but after the release of the first season, the show grew up on people and was watched by a lot of viewers. The show went on to have 2 seasons in total on Hotstar. With its exceptional cast including some renowned names like Mukul Chada, Gauhar Khan, Mallika Dua and Gopal Dutt.

Now that show was received well, will they come up with a third season?