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Was it the job of celebrities to help the citizens during covid?

Singer, Jubin Nautiyal celebrates his Birthday on 14th June.

I read that in a recent interview with Hindustan Times, the singer said that, it's not the job of celebrities to come to the front and help people in the state who are suffering. 'It is somebody else's job, who's not doing it. People have started taking Covid crisis casually.' he further added.

I believe that instead of pointing fingers at each other, the government and the celebrities should've worked together to help the people suffering from covid. But there's also a point that all these celebrities get paid in lakhs/crores for a single show/movie, so when they have the resources to help their fans then what's the problem?

He is one of the humble celebrities who helped people during these troubling times, without showing it off on Social Media.

What are your thoughts?


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