Was it necessary to create a song entirely in English just to get Grammy nominations?

We are just half a month away to see our boys flaunting in the world's greatest music event. Suga is just one step away to see his dream come true.

Now that the chartbuster 'Dynamite' has achieved the 63rd Grammy nomination, fans are enthusiastically anticipating the award show. But frankly speaking, an all-English lyric song, is that all that it takes to get a Grammy nomination? I mean, I agree that Dynamite is a light, bop song that lifts up your mood but apart from that if we look at BTS' songs throughout the years, you cannot deny the fact that there are many other better songs that genuinely deserves recognition.

Dynamite- an all-English, light lyrics, lighter the melody, I accept everything but Dynamite can definitely not take the place of some of the ballad songs of BTS like The truth untold, Save Me, and Butterfly in my heart.

Not denying the fact that Dynamite did exceptionally well on all the streaming platforms and BTS gained popularity in the nook and corner of the world. But Recording Academy should widen their criteria and give nominations to real good pieces even though they are in different languages.

Obviously, they are using the BTS' popularity for their own good. Well, this award cannot change my love for them. Dynamite has a special place in my heart but I'll keep going back to the old-era songs in Korean. Someone, please teach Grammys music has no language barrier.

I'll sue the Grammys if they don't give BTS the award which they should've been done much earlier.