Was it the right decision for Alia Bhatt to do Kapoor and Sons even though Karan Johar didn't want her in it?

During a session in Clubhouse, Karan Johar revealed that he tried his best to convince his disciple, Alia Bhatt to reject Kapoor & Sons as her role was not important. He recalls telling Alia, "Listen, you don't have to do every Dharma film. You don't like it, you don't do it because the part is really nothing.".

However, the actress wished to hear from her good friend Shakun Batra, the director of the movie. After hearing the narration, Alia Bhatt fell in love with the story and didn't care about the length of her role. Alia Bhatt went on to accept the role and her character was loved and appreciated by the audience.

Karan Johar think sthat every actor in the industry should think the same way. Do you think Alia Bhatt made the right choice by doing the film? Did you like her role in Kapoor and Sons? Should all the actors think about the story of the movie rather than just their role?