Was it the right decision for Kareena Kapoor Khan to share her second son Jeh's photo on social media?

Can you believe that people on the internet don't even spare a young baby when it comes to trolling?

Kareena Kapoor Khan has finally shared the first ever photograph of her second son Jeh on social media and it is absolutely adorable. Unlike her first child, Kareena Kapoor took some time to make the decision of sharing her son's photo. It is likely to be due to the trolls and negativity she received during Taimur's time and to no one's surprise, she is still receiving hate on social media.

We know that it is no fault of Kareena Kapoor Khan but only the good for nothing trollers who spread hate on social media but do you think it was necessary for the actress to share the photos if she already knew about the hate she'll receive? She could have protected herself and her baby from all the unnecessary negativity but she decided to be open with her fans and followers. Do you think it was the right decision by the actress to share her son’s photo or should she have learnt from her mistakes with Taimur?

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