Was Jasmin Bhasin Always A Negative Person Or Is The Bigg Boss House To Be Blamed??

Honestly during the first few weeks of the show Jasmin was one of my favourite contestants. I enjoyed watching her cribbing over menial chores of the house and simply spreading her positivity through the balance of judgement but things have taken a turn for worse. She seems like the new age Komolika, all that's remaining is a catchy background score often played for villains! The looks she gives and her constant back bitching about every single contestant is insane! Kavya Punjabi, Andy and Shefali Bagga are few ex-contestants who religiously follow the show and have criticized the new but not improved Jasmin. But is the Bigg Boss House to be blamed for this bubbling volcano of negativity? I do want to give her the benefit of doubt but when I think in context to the episode where her parents met her, they weren't taken aback by her behaviour so this wasn't new to them! That concludes Jasmin does show her negative side quite often in reality as well.