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Was Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Too Ahead of its time? I believe so, please read!

Toxic relationships, loveless marriages, infidelity, normalised divorces, almost every damn thing that remains a big taboo in our culture was sensibly showcased in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. A film that was directed by the most mainstream filmmaker starring the biggest stars, at a time when we were drooling over movies like Vivaah.


Yes both KANK and Vivah came out in 2006 and while Vivah became a blockbuster, KANK did not get its due. And how was it supposed to? Wasn't Karan Johar foolishly brave to risk a movie like this in 2006?


The subject still doesn't guarantee mainstream success and he made it 15 years ago. As a child even I did not like KANK and felt it went so wrong with its messaging. However, I feel the movie was too brave, too modern, too ahead of its time.


One of the problems I feel is that Karan Johar despite making such a brave movie packaged it in his typical cliche style. Songs and dance, special appearances, one big family, first world problems, overseas locations. Maybe the film could have been marketed well.


What are your thoughts? Have you seen it?



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