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Was Rakul Preet right in dragging in a troll's mother while replying to his lewd comment?

In early 2019, a troll on twitter passed an unjustifiable remark on actress Rakul Preet's outfit. She was quick to reply to his lewd comment. Any person would be angered if such a statement is passed by someone and actresses get tons of these everyday. As a reply to that particular tweet, Rakul dragged in the troll's mother and asked if she did the same as the troll seemed to be an expert in all such things. Soon after this, netizens pointed out that if the troll was wrong, so was Rakul. To this she asked them if they would have reacted calmly in such a triggering situation. I feel, what Rakul Preet had to experience was wrong but she had better ways to reply to that comment than disrespecting another fellow woman. What are your views on this?


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