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Was Salman Khan the one who introduced Arjun Kapoor to Malaika Arora?

It has been a more than a few years that Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora decided to stay as a couple, taking their relationship to the next level. But if actually go back and look at the scenario as to how they both met in the first place, then one can't help but point out the role of Malaika's ex brother-in-law Salman Khan in bringing the couple together. In one of his recent interviews, Arjun Kapoor while revealing his weight loss journey has said how Salman helped him shed close to 50 kgs to become an actor and how he had literally started to live and travel with Salman, "I was a 140 kgs. When Salman Bhai (Salman Khan, actor) encouraged me that I can be an actor, he told me 'Main tumhare andar se ek insaan nikaluga (I will take an entire man out of you). I just started living with Salman. I travelled with Salman Khan. We worked out together, and he kept a strict vigil on what I was eating. That man knows no pain. He psyched me into becoming a machine that didn't do anything but lose weight. His dedication, discipline in life rubbed on me, and whatever I am today, I am like this only because of him." And the rest we know is history. To be honest nobody actually knows the relationship between Arjun and Salman at present but one things is very obvious that Arbaaz would be cursing the day Salman decided to help Arjun! What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree?


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